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Kenney Accomplishments As An Executive Councilor

  1. Secured funding to repair a red listed bridge in West Stewartstown near the Ethan Allen Company that had been in bad conditions for years. Received a Preservation Achievement Award for work.
  2. Brokered a road waiver with Department of Transportation and Rotobec USA to allow them to expand their company off of Brown Road in Groveton.  It brought 50 jobs to the area. 
  3. Reestablished the Ray Burton Internship Program at the Executive Council and ran five students through the program.
  4. Worked with Attorney General’s Office and Commissioner of Department of Environmental Services to prevent the tearing down of the Bates new home in Andover. House was built too close to river.
  5. Supported Community Development Block Grant to expand Capone Ironworks into Berlin, creating 55 jobs and  provide further job training.
  6. Worked with local, state and federal officials to secure funding and to allow for disabled veteran to acquire the Village Gun Shop in
  7. Advocated and Secure $1.2 million grant through Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program for the Pathway Project in North Conway.
  8. Aided in the retention of jobs at the DCI Furniture in Lisbon.
  9. After storm, a long established blinking light on Route 109 in Moultonborough was decommissioned.  After many discussions and meeting, I was able to convince the Traffic Bureau and DOT to allow for the light to go back up.
  10. Worked with Public Safety Commissioners on the development of a new Marine Patrol Headquarters Facility in
  11. Worked hard with local and state officials to established at roundabout at the intersection of 171 and 28 in Ossipee when a young 17-year-old girl was killed at the intersection.
  12. Secured $300,000 to support the new Drug & Alcohol Facility called Friendship House in Bethlehem.
  13. Supported the Community Development Block Grant for the redevelopment of Newport Senior Center.
  14. Helped in the securing a $750,000 line of credit through the Business Finance Authority for the Tri-County Community Action Program in
  15. Advanced water & Sewage & Road projects in Colebrook & Conway inside the Ten Year Highway Improvement Plan.
  16. Voted to Confirm Three State Supreme Court Judges.
  17. Impetus behind the creation of the Lakeshore Development Planning Commission to redevelop the “Old State Property” in
  18. Worked on state permits to assist in the redevelopment of the Balsams Project in
  19. Worked to secure funding for Waumbek Methna Snowmobile Club trail bridge in Jefferson.
  20. Assisted in the DES permits and regulatory relieve for the Old Man of the Mountain Memorial Project in
  21. Worked with Ramsdell Family in Dalton to provide necessarily funding, support and care for daughter to be brought home after a lengthy stay away.
  22. Supported funding and regulatory support to new Livermore Falls State Park in
  23. Voted and supported Mount Sunapee West Bowl Expansion Project in
  24. Conducted biannual District Municipal Airport Tours to visit intermodal infrastructure from an aviation standpoint.
  25. Conducted dozens of NH Commissioner Tours from all Departments.
  26. Supported school building aid funding for Woodsville High School in
  27. Advanced state bridge project for the Town of
  28. Worked with the Town of Lyme and state officials to advanced permitting to conduct construction project along Riverside Road.
  29. Worked with State DOT officials on emergency road repair on Route 135 in
  30. Assisted Gord’s Corner Store with permits to open bridge connector to store in
  31. Worked with Enfield Town Officials for the sale of two lots bordering Mascoma Lake to expand park.
  32. Fought to get Mechanic Street back into the Ten Year Highway Improvement Plan in
  33. Assisted with funding and state permits on the Covered Bridge in Wentworth.
  34. Worked with DOT on emergency funding for Fairgrounds Road project in Plymouth due to flooding.
  35. Helped secure location for NH State Liquor Store in
  36. Supported funding for the Lake Umbagog bathhouse in Errol and Jericho Park bathhouse project in Berlin.
  37. Attended dedication and supported New Hampshire newest school, the Middleton Elementary School in Middleton.
  38. Supported financing and regulatory support of Riverwalk Resort Project in
  39. Worked with Holderness Town Officials on safety options for Rattlesnake Trail Parking in
  40. Voted and supported for the expansion of FirstNet AT&T contract into Northern New Hampshire to better support our First Responders and to expand cell phone and broadband use.
  41. Worked with and supported Littleton officials on Riverwalk infrastructure projects in
  42. Worked with owners of Newfound Lake Inn on permitting issues, licensing and fire marshal issues in
  43. Worked with several businesses with regards to liquor, health and labor licensing issues.
  44. Supported and voted for North Country grants in reference to water and sewage projects that came from the State Water Drinking Fund.
  45. Supported funding for the renovation of the Green Mountain Fire Tower in
  46. Traveled to Montreal to assist the State Division of Economic Development with recruitment activities.
  47. Attended a meeting with the Montreal US Consul General and the Canadian Consul General to discuss trade and economic development efforts between NH and Quebec.
  48. Worked with Kheops International of Colebrook to expand their educational facility and support operations.
  49. Worked with Bob Chapman in Groveton on several occasions to help expand the business park ultimately creating 115 jobs with a new manufacturer, NSA.
  50. Worked with the State Division of Economic Development to assist a Quebec manufacturer locate in Berlin.

Joe Kenney

For Executive Council

District 1
Councilor Joseph D. Kenney

Executive Councilor Joseph D. Kenney of Wakefield, NH was elected on March 11, 2014 to serve Executive Council District 1 in a Special Election that was held to replace the late Raymond S. Burton of Bath, NH.

Councilor Kenney grew up in a small business family in Wakefield and continues to live in Wakefield, NH with his wife and two children. At a young age Councilor Kenney worked as an auction runner at his family’s auction barn in Rochester, NH and picked blueberries during the summer at Daily’s Blueberry Mountain Farm in Brookfield to help pay for his grammar school clothes. He went on to become a pot-washer, cook and head cook at Pierce Camp Birchmont in Wolfeboro, NH where he worked for nine summers throughout high school and college. He attended Spaulding High School in Rochester and hitch-hiked 20 miles to basketball practice to play on the varsity team during the winter. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire, majoring in History and minoring in Small Business Management. He traveled as a college junior with a program called Semester at Sea, a college accredited program which allowed him to take international college courses aboard the SS Universe while traveling around the world. He was a Division I NCAA soccer player. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 1980 and after 37 years retired as a Marine S-2 Officer with the 25th Marines at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

In February of 1989 he was pulled from Officer’s Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia and honored by the President of the United States at the White House for his work as an enlisted Marine stationed in Washington, DC for collecting over a hundred thousand toys for needy kids in the metropolitan area.

On January 2nd, 2010, he was recognized by the Boston Celtics at center court with the “Heroes Among Us Award” and subsequently went back to Afghanistan to finish his tour. He is a veteran of three conflicts: the Persian Gulf War, the Iraq War and Afghanistan War. He served fourteen years in the New Hampshire Legislature from 1994 to 2008, serving both in the House and Senate. He was the primary bill sponsor for the New Hampshire Purple Heart Trail Bill, the Midwifery Bill and the Organ Donor Registry Bill. He served as the Senate Transportation Committee Chairman in 2004 and was the Senate Executive, Departments and Administration Committee Chairman in 2006. He has received numerous legislative awards and received a national award in 2007 presented by the National Humane Society for his “Dog Fighting” Bill. In 2008, he was his Party nominee for Governor. He is a former Selectman and a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He has worked in the health care and hotel industries and once ran a convenience store outside of Boston.

Councilor Kenney’s passion is helping people solve their problems. His hobbies include reading history, outdoor recreation, traveling, collecting old bottles, music and watching the Boston sports teams on TV.

On The Issues


Do you generally support pro-choice or pro-life legislation?

  • Pro-life

“Strong families, constitutional liberties, and the sanctity of life form the bedrock on which our nation was founded. As president, I would protect our nation’s values.”


In order to balance the budget, do you support an income tax or sales tax increase on any tax bracket?

  • No


Do you support increasing law enforcement spending?

  • Yes

“The men and women in our Blue uniforms need our support.”


Do you support lowering corporate taxes and Rooms and Meals Tax as a means of promoting economic growth?

  • Yes

Do you support providing financial relief to businesses AND/OR corporations negatively impacted by the state of national emergency for COVID-19?

  • Yes


Do you support requiring states to adopt federal education standards?

  • No

Energy and Environment:

Do you support government funding for the development of renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind, geo-thermal)?

  • Yes

Do you support the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions?

  • No


Do you generally support gun-control legislation?

  • No

“NH has enough gun laws on the books, we are a low crime state and responsible.”

Health Care:

Do you support repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”)?

  • Yes

“Three state New York, California and Massachusetts get 35% of the funding but only have 22% of the population.  Premiums have increased and It has become more restrictive”

Do you support requiring businesses to provide paid medical leave during public health crises, such as COVID-19?

  • Yes


Mark your calendar for November 3rd and don’t forget to show your support.

We’re getting closer every day so be sure to save the date. If you need help finding your voting location, check the directory of precinct polling places or contact your local Board of Elections for details.

Compare The candidates

  • Cyrans Voted against First African American to the State Board of Education. I would have supported


  • Cryans upheld and prevented the first African American to be confirmed as Executive Director for the Office of Professional Licensure and Certification. I would have supported


  • Cryans abstained his vote on the Pam Smart commutation hearing request because he felt uncomfortable voting either way (Associated Press) Should not have abstained, District 1 lost their voice


  • Cryans abstained on request to create a position to oversee prosecutorial cases in a troubled Hillsborough County Attorney office (No explanation given).


  • Cryans failed to give Commissioner of Education a pay raise because of political retribution.  I would not have done this.


  • Cryans avoided question by a statewide reporter on whether or not he would commute Michael Addison’s capital murder sentence.  I support the original verdict.


  • He was the deciding vote against filling the Chief Justice of the NH Supreme Court.  A critical position has remained open for over a year now.  I support the confirmation of Gordon McDonald, a Dartmouth graduate. 


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