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What is the Executive Council?

The Executive Council is an elected body in the Executive Branch of New Hampshire’s state government, tasked with providing a check on the governor’s power and actively participating the management of the state. The Executive Council is made up of five districts containing approximately 267,00 residents.

Executive Council Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide district-wide constituent services, working with state department heads
  • Vote on all state contracts over $10,000 
  • Vote on all state board and commission confirmations
  • Vote on all judicial confirmations: circuit court, superior court, and state supreme court
  • Vote on all civic commissions and military officer confirmations
  • Vote on all commutation and pardon requests
  • Advise of the Governor on all state matters
  • Approves nearly $5.2 billion dollars’ worth of spending
  • Provides management and oversight of the Ten-Year Highway Improvement Plan

Kenney Accomplishments As An Executive Councilor

  1. In 2021 and 2022, provided answers and support to hundreds and hundreds of constituents with DMV, health and human service, business regulatory, transportation, and environmental requests.
  2. In 2021, conducted and hosted 8x Ten Year Highway Improvement Plan Hearings in Claremont, Lebanon, Berlin, Conway, Laconia, Lyman, Plymouth, and Tilton.
  3. In 2021, initiated and worked to advance infrastructure projects in Conway (NH16/NH153/ and NH16/NH113), Gorham (sidewalk pedestrian crossing, and bicycle facilities), Milton (Dawson & Silver St sidewalk expansion project) and Laconia (Weirs Bridge repair).
  4. In 2021, Initiated and supported $2.7 million awarded for Ray Burton Fire Academy for Recruitment, Training, and Capital Improvements.
  5. In 2022, Supported $55 million to rehabilitate the state’s fish hatchery, the largest investment in the history of the hatchery program.
  6. In 2022, worked with Lisbon DCI, Inc ownership on the acquisition of the state property in order to build a boiler plant for heating efficiency within the plant.
  7. Advocated and secured a $1.3 million grant through Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program for the Rec Path Project in North Conway.
  8. In 2022, placed on the Governor’s Technical Assistance Committee to advance the sale of the Laconia State Property.
  9. In 2022, supported $23 million ARPA funding for Veterans Campus in Franklin to be run by NH Easter Seals with financial help from Veterans Count.
  10. Reestablished the Ray Burton Internship Program at the Executive Council and ran six students through the program.
  11. In 2022, supported the latest $10 million investment into school safety. This money is being used for security improvements for all schools in the state.
  12. In 2021, awarded the Kathleen Taylor Legislative Award in appreciation of service for advocating for those impacted by addiction.
  13. In 2021 and 2022, voted and confirmed one Supreme Court Justice, three Superior Court Justice and nine Circuit Judges.
  14. In 2021, Helped secure a $1 million loan from Business Finance Authority for Bethlehem drug and alcohol treatment center (New Hampshire Detox).
  15. In 2021, advocated and advanced the demolition of Westboro Yard, in West Lebanon.
  16. In 2022, facilitated a temporary agreement with NHDOT and the City of Lebanon to purchase 6.7 acres at the Westboro Yard.
  17. Worked with Young’s General Store in Pittsburg to reestablish their Area Agency Liquor Store under new ownership.
  18. In 2021, worked with Gorham Paper with regulatory issues impacting the sale of the facility to new ownership.
  19. Facilitated meetings between NHDOT and owners to advance the Knotty Marina Economic Development Project in Laconia.
  20. Supported the acceptance of $65 million of federal funds (CARES, CCDFX, CRRSA funds) for childcare facilities and income offset income losses and COVID- 19 expenses.
  21. In 2021, worked with NH Economic Cooperative and Citizens of Sandwich to receive construction of fiber optic networks to provide high-speed internet service throughout its community.
  22. In 2022, supported and advocated for a $50 million Nursing Home Infrastructure Fund in support of Sullivan County Nursing Home Rehabilitation Project with others nursing around the state.
  23. In 2022, hosted the first ever Governor and Council meeting at the Sherman Building atop Mount Washington.
  24. In 2022, Worked with Rail Trail Village and NHDOT Commissioner Sheehan on rail encroachment issues with owners in Littleton.
  25. Brought attention to the need to rehabilitate the Tram at Franconia State Park while a part of a presentation at the Governor and Council meeting held at Peabody Lodge in Franconia.
  26. Supported Cocheco Waterfront Development wetlands permit request for the City of Dover.
  27. Supported funding for Beebe River Watershed Project funding that preserves over 6,000 acres in the Sandwich and Holderness areas.
  28. Conducted biannual District Municipal Airport Tours to visit intermodal infrastructure from an aviation standpoint.
  29.  Conducted dozens of NH Commissioner Tours from all Departments.
  30. Supported school building aid funding for Woodsville High School in Woodsville.
  31. Working with the Town of Tuftonboro on Union Wharf DES Permit Application.
  32. In 2022, Supported the purchase of Hampstead Hospital for $13 million to take care of children who have psychiatric needs along with adults at a 111-bed facility.
  33. In 2021, facilitated a meeting with NHDES with the Economic Corporation of Newport to discuss the future of closed landfill needs and its responsibilities. Legislation was filed and discussions with DES are ongoing.
  34. In 2022, assisted Gord’s Corner Store with DES and Food Service permits to open under new ownership.
  35. Continue to Advocate for NH Food Bank Warehouse in the North Country.
  36. Worked with Jefferson Campground on food service license issues.
  37. In 2022, conducted the annual District 1 Snowmobile Tour in New Durham with the Forest and Lands, Fish and Game and Trails Bureau.
  38. Supported funding for the Lake Umbagog bathhouse in Errol.
  39. Worked with East Conway Butcher Shop after fire to assist in contact with SBDC and state agencies.
  40. Supported financing and regulatory support of Riverwalk Resort Project in Lincoln.
  41. Voted and supported for the expansion of FirstNet AT&T contract into Northern New Hampshire to better support our First Responders and to expand cell phone and broadband use. Contract is now its five years.
  42. Worked with Ford of Claremont on permitting issues with NHDES.
  43. In 2022, supported funding for the $100 million housing plan INVESTNH to assist developers, municipalities, and housing authorities to promote more housing.
  44. Worked with several businesses with regards to liquor, health, and labor licensing issues.
  45. In 2022, supported and voted for District multi-million funding grants in reference to water and sewage projects that came from the State Water Drinking Fund and ARPA funding.
  46. Supported millions of dollars in community safety grants to improve local safety equipment.
  47. Secured and voted for funding to complete the Alton Bay State Fish & Game Boat Ramp and parking area.
  48. Continued work on Alton Bay Route 11 realignment and working with property owners with NHDOT.
  49. Attended several Sunshine initiatives in Newport to support community redevelopment.
  50. In 2021, responded to floods in Sullivan County to address emergency action by the NHDOT and FEMA.

Joe Kenney

For Executive Council

District 1

Councilor Joseph D. Kenney


Executive Councilor Joseph D. Kenney of Wakefield, NH was elected on March 11, 2014, to serve Executive Council District 1 in a Special Election that was held to replace the late Raymond S. Burton of Bath, NH. He is in his seventh year as District 1 Executive Councilor.

Councilor Kenney grew up in a small business family in Wakefield and continues to live in Wakefield, NH with his wife and two children. His son Christian is a graduate of Plymouth State University, and his daughter Chanel is a senior at Spaulding High School in Rochester. At a young age Councilor Kenney worked as an auction runner at his family’s auction barn in Rochester, NH and picked blueberries during the summer at Daily’s Blueberry Mountain Farm in Brookfield to help pay for his grammar school clothes. He went on to become a pot-washer, cook and head cook at Pierce Camp Birchmont in Wolfeboro, NH where he worked for nine summers throughout high school and college. He attended Spaulding High School in Rochester and hitch-hiked 20 miles to basketball practice to play on the varsity team during the winter. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire, majoring in History and minoring in Small Business Management. He traveled as a college junior with a program called Semester at Sea, a college accredited program which allowed him to take international college courses aboard the SS Universe while traveling around the world. He was a Division I NCAA soccer player at UNH. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 1980 and after 37 years retired in April 2017.

In February of 1989 he was pulled from Officer’s Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia and honored by the President of the United States at the White House for his work as an enlisted Marine stationed in Washington, DC for collecting over a hundred thousand toys for needy kids in the metropolitan area.

On January 2nd, 2010, he was recognized by the Boston Celtics at center court with the “Heroes Among Us Award” and subsequently went back to Afghanistan to finish his tour. He is a veteran of three conflicts: the Persian Gulf War, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. He served fourteen years in the New Hampshire Legislature from 1994 to 2008, serving both in the House and Senate. He was the primary bill sponsor for the New Hampshire Purple Heart Trail Bill, the Midwifery Bill and the Organ Donor Registry Bill. He served as the Senate Transportation Committee Chairman in 2004 and was the Senate Executive, Departments and Administration Committee Chairman in 2006. He has received numerous legislative awards and received a national award in 2007 presented by the National Humane Society for his “Dog Fighting” Bill. In 2021, he was awarded the Kathleen Taylor Legislative Award for advocating for those impacted by addiction. In 2008, he was his Party nominee for Governor. He was recently awarded He is a former Selectman and a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and member of the American Legion. He has worked in the health care and hotel industries and once ran a convenience store outside of Boston.

Councilor Kenney’s passion is helping people solve their problems. His hobbies include reading history, outdoor recreation, traveling, collecting old bottles, music and watching the Boston sports teams on TV.

On The Issues


Do you generally support pro-choice or pro-life legislation?

  • Pro-life

“Strong families, constitutional liberties, and the sanctity of life form is the bedrock on which our nation was founded. As your Executive Councilor and as a retired Marine Officer I will always defend life.”


In order to balance the budget, do you support an income tax or sales tax increase on any tax bracket?

  • No


Do you support increasing law enforcement spending?

  • Yes

“The men and women who serve us in Blue need our support in order to better protect us.”


Do you support lowering corporate taxes and Rooms and Meals Tax as a means of promoting economic growth?

  • Yes

Do you support providing financial relief to businesses AND/OR corporations negatively impacted by the state of national emergency for COVID-19?

  • Yes


Do you support requiring states to adopt federal education standards?

  • No, states should have the right to self-determination in how they educate their children and young adults. Less federal regulation in education is better.

Energy and Environment:

Do you support government funding for the development of renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind, geo-thermal)?

  • Yes, in many cases, the public research dollars should go towards the development of energy efficiencies as well as initiatives in the private sector. Public/private sectors projects are essential to advance energy cost-effectiveness and efficiencies.

Do you support the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions?

  • Yes, mild regulation keeps everyone on the same playing field.  However, too many regulations can destroy economic prosperity. There needs to be a balance between environment and economic development.


Do you generally support gun-control legislation?

  • No

“NH has enough gun laws on the books, we are a low crime state and responsible.”

Health Care:

Do you support repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”)?

  • Yes

“Three state New York, California and Massachusetts get 35% of the funding but only have 22% of the population.  Premiums have increased and It has become more restrictive”

Do you support requiring businesses to provide paid medical leave during public health crises, such as COVID-19?

  • Yes


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